TL2: Family Information Package

ID: 1782
Status: Ongoing
Start date: October 2017


The family information package, "Growing Together," is a collection of appealing and accessible resources for hearing parents of deaf children. It is intended to share the science of learning or research-based information related to ASL/English bilingualism. The primary audience this product is intended for is hearing parents of deaf or hard of hearing children. Other groups may use this package to share with their customers, clients, or stakeholders, such as educators, practitioners, and the medical professionals usability study, which involves focus group, survey, and individual interviews with the stakeholders. Currently, the package is going through revisions based on input from the usability study, and including recent research in the content. The parent information package has been renamed family information package (to be as inclusive as possible.) After the final revisions and publications of the package, the next step will be to follow up with another usability study to ensure the contents are accessible and comprehensible for parents and other groups.

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