EL2: Ongoing analysis and follow-up study of the Early Education Longitudinal Study Participants

ID: 3221
Status: Ongoing
Start date: July 2016


The VL2 Early Education Longitudinal Study (EELS), conducted between the years 2010 and 2013, yielded a database rich in information about the early literacy development of deaf pre-school aged children as they entered school. To date, the EELS database has been utilized to study the important relationship between early sign skills and later skills in emergent literacy. Going forward, we intend to continue our analysis of the rich EELS dataset. In the past year, we have completed analyses on: the relationship of language skills to social competence; early visual language and its relationship to growth rates in reading over a three year period; early writing skills; differences in beliefs and attitudes toward deaf education among parents from Hispanic and non-Hispanic families; early literacy of children with cochlear implants with varying levels of ASL skill; and multilingualism and early literacy. Manuscripts are in varying stages of completion.

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