Parents' Perspectives of Their Deaf Child's School Experience in Malaysia

ID: 3327
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Status: Completed
Start date: January 2017
End Date: July 2018


This study aims to explore the childhood school experience of deaf Malaysian adults as perceived by their parents. While Aftar (2016) explored the school experience of deaf Malaysians from the perspectives of deaf individuals, this study will attempt to further expand this area of research by interviewing the parents and providing a better understanding of the implementation or effectiveness of deaf education in Malaysia. The outcome of this research will hopefully contribute to the existing literature and reveal a deeper understanding of what the school experience is like for deaf students in Malaysia. This study will be conducted qualitatively using a phenomenological approach and framed within a constructivist paradigm viewpoint. The constructivist paradigm assumes that reality is socially constructed. Semi-structured interviews will be conducted in spoken Malay or English, and transcribed data will be analyzed qualitatively by identifying emerging themes.

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