Case Studies of the Cognitive Apprenticeship Approach to Develop Writing Skills of American Sign Language-English Interpreting Students

ID: 3367
School: School of Language, Education, and Culture
Program: Interpreting and Translation
Status: Ongoing
Start date: August 2017


Effective writing is taken to be a measure of academic development at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, but interpreter education has not provided guidance for how to develop these skills in our students. Using a case study approach, the co-investigators will focus is on the development of students' cognitive maturity and self-authorship by examining their perceptions of the Cognitive Apprentice instructional approach during their writing coursework. An ultimate aim of this study is to determine whether cognitive apprenticeship may be a useful approach in guiding interpreting students in the development of their academic writing skills and, if so, to disseminate this information to other interpreter educators.

Principal investigators

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