EL2: An Efficacy Study of Strategic and Interactive Writing Instruction: Teacher Development and Student Outcomes

ID: 3496
Status: Ongoing
Start date: August 2017


EL2 Director Thomas Allen is serving as the Co-Principal Investigator with researchers from the University of Tennessee, University of Connecticut, and Arizona State University on an evaluation of the efficacy of the Strategic and Interactive Writing Instruction (SIWI) curriculum. Funded by the National Center for Special Education Research, the SIWI project is a "Goal Three" project that assesses the efficacy of curricula developed and established through successful Goal One and Goal Two projects. The SIWI curriculum itself is developed specifically to address the writing challenges faced by deaf and hard of hearing students. Importantly, it is not a scripted curriculum but a framework to foster strong and creative writing skills in deaf students. It is designed to be used in elementary school classrooms with deaf and hard of hearing children from a variety of communication backgrounds. The project also has a strong focus on developing professional development opportunities for elementary school teachers.

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