TL2: Benefits and Risks Assessment

ID: 3503
Status: Ongoing
Start date: October 2013


To achieve the mission of the Visual Language and Visual Learning, Science of Learning Center (VL2), to bridge research and education, and to support Gallaudet University's strategic goal of public outreach, VL2 has created and disseminated various research-based products, including: Parent Information Packages, Storybook Apps, and a Visual Communication Sign Language Checklist Assessment. Society benefits when products about language acquisition and development are shared with families, educators, and other interested people. However, it is important to withhold potentially harmful products from the marketplace. VL2 has created a review and evaluation process to test products for value and efficacy through a Benefits and Risks Assessment Committee (BRAC). A handbook has been created and it serves as a guide for product developers, regardless of any past connection to VL2, and a resource to the BRAC organizer and members, VL2 staff, and other relevant individuals assisting with the review process. The goal is to hand it over to Gallaudet University and to use this with other departments and programs.

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