TL2: Signwise for Kids

ID: 3504
Status: Ongoing
Start date: October 2015


TL2 will take the lead in ensuring and promoting quality and risk assessment for products from VL2 and community- protecting the integrity, reliability, and accuracy of science and languages used in products. By doing this, the Signwise, a quality assurance resource center, was created. With the committee composed of individuals from the community, school grades K-12, parents, and professionals from Gallaudet University, the categories and rubrics were formed. A website will be set up. This site will feature reviews of products and resources for young children from infant to school age and help parents find the right products for their children. Our committee reviews a wide range of products including apps, DVDs/videos, e-books, printed books, and websites. These products mostly feature sign language designed for children from birth to age 8 and their families. We also accept requests to do reviews.. Finally, Signwise© helps provide support for developers to produce high-quality products. Requests for consultation and review services will be offered.

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