TL2: Usability Study: The Deaf Children's User Experiences with Storybook Apps

ID: 3505
Status: Ongoing
Start date: October 2015


Touchscreen technology makes it possible to seamlessly integrate ASL videos and English text on a single screen, and to serve as a reading device for children, providing a rich bilingual immersion for learning. The child participants in the study are being observed and asked how they browse through the VL2 Storybook App, which is based on theoretical design and research about visual sign phonology, and language and reading acquisition/development. The language, reading, and attitudes of parents are also being examined in this study. By understanding the target audience (children ages 5 to 8) and how they use, read, and interact with VL2 storybook apps, we gain further insights through observing the users to best determine design approaches in future app editions, in translating research into educational resources suitable for that age group, and what type of additional material would support parents and educators. Data has been collected, we are doing data analyses, and will write up a manuscript for publication.

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