Deaf Health Literacy: Usability and Navigability of Health and Wellness Apps

ID: 3583
School: TBD
Program: TBD
Status: Completed
Start date: May 2018
End Date: December 2018


It has been documented that Deaf people who have lower education have difficulty finding and understanding health information. Wellness tracking apps are designed to convey simplified information to guide users towards their goals of improved wellness. We aim to investigate the usability and navigability in selected wellness apps and compare these across health literacy levels in deaf consumers. After IRB approval, we will invite 100 deaf adults to take a short health literacy test and then answer questions about their use of eHealth platforms, including fitness and nutrition apps. Half of these adults will be given an iPad and the other half will be given an Apple watch to test the navigability and ease of using four different wellness apps, two of which will include ASL feature in the instructions. Qualitative feedback will also be gathered and used to supplement quantitative data. Logistic regression will be used to compare usability and navigability of the apps across deaf people's health literacy and self-reported use of eHealth platforms.

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