Deaf Acculturative Stress Inventory (DASI): Development and Validation of an Acculturative Stress Inventory for Deaf Adults

ID: 3655
School: TBD
Program: TBD
Status: Ongoing
Start date: April 2019
End Date: September 2019


Acculturative stress represents the effects of the struggles involved in acculturation, including pressures to acquire aspects of the dominant culture, as well as pressures to retain or acquire aspects of one's minoritized culture. To date, no measure exists for assessing the acculturative stress experiences of deaf individuals, a unique culturally minoritized group. The goal of the current study is to explore the acculturative stress experiences of deaf adults and use the information gathered to develop a structured acculturative stress scale, the Deaf Acculturative Stress Inventory (DASI). Focus group interviews will be conducted with deaf adults to gather information regarding their experiences of acculturative stress and identify the appropriate content for the scale. Items for the DASI will be developed based on a synthesis of existing literature and the results of the focus group interviews. Following the initial development of the scale, an expert panel will review the items and provide structured feedback. Revisions will then be made accordingly. A structured scale would allow researchers and clinicians to gain an understanding of the nature of acculturative stress among deaf adults, as well as the risk factors, protective factors, and coping mechanisms for dealing with deaf acculturative stress.

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