Does Absent Vestibular Function Mitigate Virtual Reality Simulator Sickness?

ID: 3657
School: TBD
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Status: Completed
Start date: April 2019
End Date: May 2020


This study is comparing three different groups of individuals: those with absent vestibular function and are deaf, those with normal vestibular function and are deaf, and those with normal vestibular function that are hearing. Participants will be between the ages of 18-30 and will be recruited from Gallaudet University's campus. The target number of participants (N) is 30. These appointments will be conducted in person. The total time requirement will be two separate appointments lasting one hour and a half each, totaling three hours. The level of cybersickness will be evaluated using a self-report questionnaire requesting them to rate their feeling of various symptoms.

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Allemang, L.N. (2019). Does absent vestibular function mitigate virtual reality simulator sickness?