Health and DHH

ID: 3951
School: TBD
Program: TBD
Status: Ongoing
Start date: January 2019
End Date: January 2021


Various publications related to health and the deaf community, including language neglect, language deprivation, VRI use, COVID related data, etc.

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Kushalnagar, P., Paludneviciene, R., & Kushalnagar, R. (2019). Video Remote Interpreting Technology in Health Care: Deaf Patients’ Experiences. JMIR Rehabilitative and Assistive Technologies.

Kushalnagar, P., Paludneviciene, R., Kallen, M., Atcherson, S., & Cella, D. (2020). PROMIS-Deaf Profile Measure: Cultural Adaptation and Psychometric Validation in American Sign Language. Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes.

Kushalnagar, P., Paludneviciene, R., Rivera, D., Bruce, S., Mirus, K., Ryan, C., Kallen, M., Minakawa, A., & Cella, D. (2019, July). Making reported outcomes measure accessible in signed languages for deaf people. Poster presented at the World Federation for the Deaf, Paris, France.

Kushalnagar, P., Ryan, C., Paludneviciene, R., Spellun, A., & Gulati, S. (2020). Adverse Childhood Communication Experiences Associated with an Increased Risk of Chronic Diseases in Deaf Adults. American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Kushalnagar, P., Ryan, C., Paludneviciene, R., Spellun, A., & Gulati, S. (2020, August) Adverse childhood communication experiences associated with an increased risk of chronic diseases in deaf adults. Poster presented at the American Psychological Association conference, Washington, DC.