Hygge and Halloween Spirit in Hallmark's Good Witch" in The Hallmark Channel: Essays on Faith, Race and Feminism

ID: 3963
Status: Completed
Start date: May 2020
End Date: May 2020


This collection of new academic essays explores the network's problematic relationship with race, the dominance of Christianity and heteronormativity, the significance placed on nostalgia, and the hiring and re-hiring of a group of women who thrived as child stars. Hallmark viewers put aside the troubles and stresses of the day to both escape reality and appreciate an environment that provides some comfort. In my chapter, I focus on how the increased popularity of the Hallmark Channel; the increased appreciation of hygge; and the increased readership of cozy mysteries, which provide connectable characters in a world with little to no violence, sex, or gore, all converged during a time when Americans appeared to need it most.

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