High Risk Sexual Behaviors and Deaf Males: A Look at Systems, Resources and Culture

ID: 3969
School: School of Arts and Humanities
Program: Psychology
Status: Ongoing
Start date: July 2020
End Date: May 2021


The current study will assess the prevalence, knowledge, and awareness of high-risk sexual behaviors among college-aged adult men who are Deaf. These issues will be viewed through ecological lenses such as available resources, culture, and systems at play. This approach will then look at the same or differing resources, systems, and culture in hearing individuals. A sample of Deaf college-aged adult men will be recruited and given measures to assess their current engagement in high-risk sexual behaviors (frequency of condom usage, alcohol/drug use, number of sex partners, etc.), their current sexual health, their current sexual education knowledge, and their current HIV/AIDS knowledge. Data will be examined to determine whether there are significant differences in high-risk sexual behaviors in Deaf college-aged males compared to their hearing peers.

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