ASL Connect and the Future of Language Learning Online with Families

ID: 3971
Status: Completed
Start date: March 2020
End Date: March 2020


Constraints in Early Intervention services using deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) adults with families of DHH children are magnified by limitations in training, programming sustainability, funding, ability to connect to rural areas, and retention of qualified personnel. A pilot study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of short lessons designed for families of deaf and hard of hearing infants and toddlers. The initial findings will share that through the experience of eight weekly video conferencing sessions with Deaf language mentors, we show an immediate shift in caregivers’ attitudes as they discover and develop sign language skills, with the goal to reach proficiency. This workshop will display tools and strategies that ASL Connect offers parents of DHH children to maximize their language proficiency and family engagement via telepractice. Participants will be able to identify connections between research on language acquisition and early visual communication strategies presented in ASL Connect videos Participants will be able to articulate the resources offered by the larger ASL Connect project and ASL Connect: Families in particular. Participants will evaluate the website components and prepare feedback for the ASL Connect team.

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