Family ASL: Bimodal bilingual acquisition by deaf children of hearing parents

ID: 4006
School: School of Language, Education, and Culture
Program: Linguistics
Status: Ongoing
Start date: August 2019
End Date: July 2024


Five-year project tracking development of both American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken English by young deaf children whose hearing parents are learning ASL as a second language. The study documents parents’ process of ASL learning and investigates the extent to which early but non-native ASL input, alongside a bimodal bilingual approach in school-based programs, supports linguistic and cognitive development for deaf children growing up in the most prevalent context, within hearing families.

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Chen Pichler, D. and Lillo-Martin, D. (2019, November 8-10). Motivation for L2 ASL learning by hearing parents with deaf children [Poster presentation. Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD), Boston, MA, United States.

Chen Pichler, D., Gale, E. and Lillo-Martin, D. (2019, March 8-10). How to support ASL as an L1 for children and L2 for parents: An interactive discussion [Conference presentation]. Annual Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Meeting (EHDI 2020), Kansas City, MO, United States.