Language disorder in deaf and hard-of-hearing (D/HH) children: Typical acquisition and profiles of specific language impairment

ID: 4023
School: School of Human Services and Sciences
Program: Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Status: Ongoing
Start date: December 2019
End Date: September 2021


There is a need for assessments of sign language development that have utility in the educational and clinical setting for discriminating typical language acquisition from atypical language acquisition. While procedures have been used for research purposes, they require specialized training and/or require an extensive amount of time to analyze. There are a limited number of available assessments designed for assessment in real-world educational settings including checklists for early childhood or assessment of specific areas (e.g. receptive ASL syntax). They have a restricted scope of age range or domains of language skills, however. The current study is investigating a variety of measures of language development to identify those that are effective and efficient in differentiating typical from disordered sign language development.

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