Deaf mental health professionals’ perspectives on desired attributes of ASL-English interpreters when working with hearing clients

ID: 4045
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Status: Completed
Start date: January 2020
End Date: June 2020


Deaf mental health professionals may elect to utilize the services of ASL-English interpreters when providing therapy to hearing clients. Although several studies and books discuss Deaf mental health therapy to date, no studies have examined the attributes that Deaf therapists seek in interpreters who work with hearing clients. In this study, I examine the perspectives of three Deaf mental health professionals regarding their preferred interpreter attributes. Drawing on both quantitative data (attribute ratings) and qualitative data (interview comments), I report findings on the necessary educational, professional, and personal attributes that Deaf therapists seek in ASL-English interpreters. The aim of this study is to enhance the performance, traits, and qualifications of interpreters when working Deaf therapists.

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