Chinese Students’ Deaf Identities: To and From a Deaf-Centric University

ID: 4049
School: School of Arts and Humanities
Program: Deaf Studies
Status: Ongoing
Start date: December 2020
End Date: December 2021


Deaf identity is a topic worthy of attention. The United States has been one of the choices for deaf people in China to study abroad for many years. So I propose to examine in-depth identity formation - that is, how Chinese deaf students at Gallaudet University develop identities between the deaf world and the hearing world as well as Chinese and U.S. cultures. I am also a deaf Chinese student at Gallaudet University. Many deaf Chinese students at Gallaudet have a strong and clear identity. It seems that it is more the place, surrounded by politicized/radicalized Deaf people, that feeds identity formation rather than learning the language or finding community through a shared signed language among deaf Chinese students at Gallaudet. This study aims to understand the development of deaf identities of deaf Chinese students of Gallaudet University during and after their studies.

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