Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students' Skills and Needs for Academic Success

ID: 4056
School: School of Human Services and Sciences
Program: Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Status: Ongoing
Start date: March 2021
End Date: May 2022


There is a persistent gap between Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D?HH) college students and their typically developing peers in terms of academic success. Educators in post-secondary education who work to engage D/HH students with curriculum can offer insight into the trends for post-secondary success. This study will distribute a survey to undergraduate professors at Gallaudet University in order to ascertain the types of learning opportunities used in the classroom, the students’ success with these learning opportunities, the students’ independent use of literacy skills, and the frequency of tutoring referrals. Descriptive analysis will be used to showcase student success with learning opportunities and literacy skills and thematic analysis will be used to analyze the professors’ responses to open-ended questions about prerequisite skills for college and successful course completion. Information from this survey will be used to develop a curriculum-based tutoring program for D/HH college students.

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