A Case Study of Mentoring Deaf Academics: The PAH!* (Success) Academic Writing Retreat

ID: 4084
School: School of Language, Education, and Culture
Program: American Sign Language
Status: Completed
Start date: October 2020
End Date: January 2021


While the goal of increasing numbers of underrepresented faculty members, especially Deaf professionals, has been accomplished to some extent, many are stymied in publishing their dissertation findings in peer-reviewed journals, and therefore have difficulty earning tenure. To address this need, a case study approach was utilized to investigate the development of Deaf professionals’ academic writing during a five-day writing retreat. This paper discusses specific academic writing challenges including organizing ideas, finding an appropriate journal, editing, submitting, as well as handling peer reviews, rejections, and revisions. Information is provided on the final writing products, types of support, guidance, and mentorship that were employed. Findings showed that 75% of papers worked on during the retreat were successfully published in peer-reviewed journals. The importance of published work by Deaf scholars and plans for future retreats are described.

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Marchut, A. , Pudans-Smith, K. , Gietz, M. , Andrews, J. and Clark, M. (2021) A Case Study of Mentoring Deaf Academics: The PAH!* (Success) Academic Writing Retreat. Creative Education, 12, 176-192. doi: 10.4236/ce.2021.121013.