ID: 4103
School: School of Language, Education, and Culture
Program: Education
Status: Completed
Start date: October 2020
End Date: October 2020


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Batamula, C., Kite Herbold, B.J. & Mitchiner, J. "Family Language Planning with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children: Fostering Multilingual Development." Odyssey Magazine, October 2020

Batamula, C., Kite Herbold, B.J., & Mitchiner, J. (2020). Can a snowman have more than three snowballs? Conducting Project Studies with Young Deaf Children. Perspectives on Early Childhood Psychology and Education, 5(1), 179-217.

Mitchiner, J., Kite Herbold, B.J., Batamula, C. & Nicolarakis, O. (2021, March 3). Infusing Anti-Bias Education in Early Intervention Programs & Early Childhood Education with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children [Conference Presentation). Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Annual Conference, Virtual.