Speech Recognition Threshold (SRT) Assessment in Children

ID: 4104
School: School of Human Services and Sciences
Program: Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Status: Ongoing
Start date: October 2020
End Date: November 2020


Diagnostic auditory evaluation includes assessment of the hearing threshold for speech signals through the Speech Recognition Threshold (SRT) test. The test stimuli are English spondees. The standard SRT test is not always valid for clients who are not native speakers of English, have limited English proficiency, have a language delay or disorder, or are multilingual speakers. An alternate test, the Digit-SRT was developed by the principal investigator and is currently being evaluated in pediatric populations.

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Ramkissoon, I. (November 2020). Oral Presentation. South African Speech Hearing Language Association (SASHLA)/ ASHA 2020 Virtual Conference. "Paired Digits vs. Pediatric Words: Measuring SRT in Children with Language Disorder or Non-Native English Background."