A Brief Cognitive Screening Tool for The Deaf Population: A Pilot Study.

ID: 4114
School: School of Human Services and Sciences
Program: Psychology
Status: Ongoing
Start date: June 2021
End Date: September 2022


The aging of the United States population has led to an increased need for measures that can accurately identify neurodegenerative diseases (Prince et al.,2015). Cognitive screening tools assist in early identification and tracking of cognitive decline, which can facilitate more positive outcomes and increased quality of life (Langa et al., 2017). A recent cognitive screening measure was developed for British Deaf individuals and found to be valid and reliable in identification of dementia in older Deaf signers (Atkinson et al., 2015). Using this research as a foundation, the current study will attempt to develop a novel measure of cognitive functioning in ASL for use with deaf and hard of hearing adults in the United States. This study will evaluate the linguistic and cultural appropriateness of the measure for use with deaf and hard of hearing adults.

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