Comparative Analysis of Novice and Experienced Interpreters Cognitive Aptitude

ID: 4120
School: School of Language, Education, and Culture
Program: Interpreting and Translation
Status: Completed
Start date: February 2021
End Date: October 2021


In the field of American Sign Language Interpreting, many strive to be successful language brokers in the matter of a few short years, not realizing the acquisition of their mother tongue took constant exposure over several years. An interpreters' ability to properly process information and retain the information long enough to find meaning is a skill that is not developed in a short span of time. As novice interpreters journey through this field, a question that is frequently asked is how do I improve my skill? This study will identify the cognitive aptitude of nationally certified professional ASL-English interpreters compared to novice ASL-English interpreters. To measure cognitive aptitude and agility a quantitative study will be conducted, testing cognitive tasks. Results from the identified groups will be compared and analyzed.

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