'Deaf Studies Digital Journal'

ID: 831
School: School of Language, Education, and Culture
Program: Interpreting and Translation
Status: Ongoing
Start date: September 2008
End Date: January 2025


The Deaf Studies Digital Journal (DSDJ) is a peer-reviewed, digital journal in American Sign Language and English text dedicated to advancing the cultural, creative and critical output of work in and about sign languages and its communities, in the form of scholarly video articles, original works of signed literature, interviews, reviews, and historical resources. This project will preserve and migrate past issues of DSDJ to a new open-access, technologically sustainable platform, which adheres to and advances accessibility standards in publishing through fully bilingual video and text articles, advanced interactive videos, integration into library databases, and innovative peer-review processes that support the exclusive use of sign language to produce the next iteration of DSDJ in an effort to transform scholarly communication.

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