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Project Gallaudet Research Priorities
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'Deaf Studies Digital Journal'
A Brief Cognitive Screening Tool for The Deaf Population: A Pilot Study.    
A Case Study Evaluation of a Formal ASL-English Mentorship Program        
A Translation of the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire-Short Form to American Sign Language      
Adaptations of Parent Child Interaction Therapy for Deaf Families        
Assessing the Effectiveness of Can-Do Statements for ASL      
Assessing the effectiveness of the Anacostia River tunnel in reduction of eutrophication      
Behavioral and neural responses to American Sign Language avatars  
Bilingual ASL/English storybook apps for children  
Bimodal Bilingual Code-blending: Language Synthesis        
Biological Motion Perception in Deaf Native Signers        
BL2 Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) Basic Certificate Program
BRIDGES- Bias Reduction Intervention: Deaf Gain in Employment Settings  
Case Studies of the Cognitive Apprenticeship Approach to Develop Writing Skills of American Sign Language-English Interpreting Students        
Characterizing Deaf Children’s Early Communication Services: An Online Parent Survey    
Chinese Students’ Deaf Identities: To and From a Deaf-Centric University      
Cochlear implants and the brain: The biological basis for language and cognition in infants, children, and adults with cochlear implants  
Cognitive and affective predictors of language and socioemotional outcomes in deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals      
Cognitive, Social and Affective Components of Academic Outcomes      
Communication of sexual health knowledge and attitudes by deaf and hard of hearing undergraduates with their parents        
Comparative Analysis of Novice and Experienced Interpreters Cognitive Aptitude        
Computer Simulations to Understand Disease Mechanisms        
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students' Skills and Needs for Academic Success    
Do expert signers recruit signed phonology processes while solving single digit multiplication problems?    
Effectiveness of mentoring in science research    
Effectiveness of Telemental Health Services Among a Clinical Sample of Deaf and Hearing Consumers      
Efficacy of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy with Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Children and Families    
Examining how Deaf translators negotiate concepts that are not conventionalized in Hong Kong Sign Language    
Family ASL: Bimodal bilingual acquisition by deaf children of hearing parents        
Help-Seeking Behavioral Among Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals    
How2Sign: A Large-scale Multimodal Dataset for Continuous American Sign Language.      
Impact of Language Experience on Early Numerical Cognition    
Infusing the Reggio Emilia Approach in Deaf Education        
Language Attitudes about Interpreters        
Language Emergence, Evolution, and Acquisition        
Listening Effort and Developmental Neuroplasticity in Children with Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants
Mental Health Literacy & Black Men: A Critical Exploration of Intersecting Black Male Perspectives        
Merging Deaf Talent with 21st Century Digital Skill Sets: Scaling a solution to technological employability and literacy for deaf, hard of hearing, and deaf people with additional disabilities
ML2: VL2 Storybook Apps and Storybook Creator
Motivated Look at Indicating Verbs in ASL (MoLo)  
Navigating Social Distancing with DeafBlind Children: ProTactile Language Acquisition in an Online Learning Environment    
Neural investigation on the impact of a visual language on arithmetic processing: an fMRI approach    
New Signers: Acculturation and Coping  
NSF IUSE: Creating Validated Learning Objectives to Improve Course Design and Student Outcomes in Introductory Biology.        
Parental Disclosure of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Children        
Perception of COVID-19 physical distancing effectiveness and contagiousness of asymptomatic individuals: A cross sectional survey of deaf and hard of hearing adults in U.S.
Performance Anxiety in Adults Who Gesture
Philadelphia signs    
Population genetics of connexin 26 deafness      
Priority Research Fund
Prosody in Cochlear Implant Users        
Prosody in Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities        
Recognizing and using emotional and grammatical facial expressions in deaf children with Autism Spectrum Disorders        
Reducing Language Obstacles Deaf Students Face When Developing Scientific Competencies
Representation of deaf characters in television watched by adolescents and young adults        
RERC on Technology for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing        
REU Accessible Information and Communications Technologies      
REU Site: Undergraduate Research Experiences in Estuarine Processes        
Semantic Congruity Effects in Non-Native ASL Interpreters with Signed Sentences: An ERP Study      
Serving During Crisis: A Case Study of Public Servants Demonstrating Engagement, Empathy, Equity, and Ethics    
Sign-to-voice interpreting considering clients with differing language preferences.    
Signed Coreference Resolution      
Signing Avatars & Immersive Learning (SAIL)  
Small Research Grants      
Smoking and Aging Effects on the Auditory System      
Stress, Social Support, and Life Experience        
Synthesis of bismuth telluride nanomaterials      
Targeting America's Defectives: the Exclusion of Deaf People from State Sterilization Programs        
The Climate of the ASL Profession: ASL Pedagogy, Curriculum, and Assessment.      
The Impact of COVID-19 and Emergency Online Learning on Deaf College Students' Experience of Social Isolation and Well-being      
The impact of language experience on the neural activations of arithmetical processing (EEG)    
The impact of language modality on number sense and arithmetic processing (adult study)      
The Influence of Language on Cognitive Development        
The RAVE Revolution for Children with Minimal Language Experience During Sensitive Periods of Brain and Language Development
The reading habits of professional signed and spoken language interpreters          
Twenty-First Century Captioning Technology, Metrics and Usability (Captioning DRRP)      
What are some of the barriers for Black Deaf college students pursuing bachelor's and/or master's degrees?        
What experiences do American Sign Language – English Interpreters from the United States have when working abroad?        
Women Writers Buried in Virginia    

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