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Analysis of Eye Gazes and Attention Management in a Preschool Class

ID: 3466
Status: Completed
Start date: March 2016


Following a new paradigm that the issue of sustained attention observed among young deaf students is due to limited exposure to language, this study attempts to document quantitatively the attention behavior during a book-reading lesson in a preschool class where everyone has full access to communication.

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Kuntze, M., & Schott, L. (2017, February). Analysis of eye gazes and attention maintenance in a preschool class. Paper presented at Association of Collegiate Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Conference, San Antonio, TX.

Scholarship and creative activity


Koulidobrova, E., Kuntze, M., & Dostal, H. (2018). If you use ASL, should you study ESL? Limitations of a modality-b(i)ased policy. Language 94(4).


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